King Kong

Explore the King Kong rules the jungle, an innovative tumbling game involving 243 ways. With his favourite fruits like coconut, banana and watermelon involving in wins, more fruits will fall from above. Whenever King Kong appears, Angry King Kong will be activated and blast waves around him triggering even more fruits to fall from above. […]

Mega Fortune God

The Mega Fortune God slot game is a premium 243 ways game and offers an opportunity to have up to x3 multipliers during Main Game. Look out for Old Fortune God as he will assist his son, the Young Fortune God, to attain maximum wealth and prosperity. Higher multiplier of x10 can be expected during […]

Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Dowager Cixi is the supreme leader of China. Be amazed at her remarkable leadership and war tactics yet appreciate her beauty and charisma at the same time. Cixi will invite you to her Summer Palace for unexpected and amazing surprise. Game Type: 3×5 reels, 243 ways Game Details Substitute is [CIXI] and substitute for […]

3 Treasures

In the Chinese traditions, the 3 treasures are the essential energies sustaining human life. Today, the 3 treasures sustain your wealth. The fish will bring you luck. The shrimp will increase the vigor. The crab will pinch all demons. Together, the fish, shrimp and crab will redefine the essence into wealth. Game Type: 3×5 reels, […]

5 Blessings

Take a trip into the mythical world with 5 Blessings – the game that will heat up the casino and adds an oriental flavour to your slot games. There are Wild Multipliers in reel 2 to 5 that will lead up to a maximum of x81 multipliers to greet the players! Game Type: 3×5 reels, […]