Mr Tiger

Embrace the masculine of Mr Tiger as he wanders around the jungle with speed and agility. When he conquers the jungle, more TIGER and WILD will be added to the Free Game leading to amazing big win in the jungle! Game Type: 4×5 reels, 50 lines Game Details Substitute is [JADE] and substitute for all […]

Mythical Fire Qilin

When the world was born, the Qilin rules all the beast. The Qilin likes to help good people like you and it protects and blesses those who host its statue. The mythical Qilin will solve your problems, fend of evils and bring prosperity. Game Type: 3×5 reels, 50 lines Game Details Wild is [FLAMING QILIN] […]

Fortune Luck

Welcome to the Fortune Luck! Enjoy the luxurious casino slots game and immerse in the land of bountiful wealth and fortune. It is an original classic and you’ll be rewarded with a random bonus prize and free games when fortune smiles upon you! Game Type: 3×5 reels, 50 lines Bonus Details Whenever [RED PACKET] appears […]